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The Black Eagle family of products (Black Eagle, Darton and Conquest Stabilizers) is excited to announce its new partnership with Straight Shooter Archery and Ignited Services!  Together we aim to revolutionize our marketing and sales approach to introduce archers, both new and seasoned, to the most technologically advanced and innovative products on the market.  We invite you to join us on this adventure as we continue to push forward and challenge the status quo.

      The future of archery started on a brisk spring morning in Hale, Michigan in the year 1950.  On that day, the Darlington family began producing leather archery accessories for family, friends and their neighbors.  Within a few short years they had expanded into creating traditional recurve bows and followed suit for several years, patiently tweaking and fine-tuning their craft.  It wasn’t until the late 1970s that son Rex Darlington caught a wild hair and had a vision for a new styled bow; a bow with wheels.  

      Since that day, the name Rex Darlington has become synonymous with compound archery and the modern-day compound cam. Even to this day, Darton still owns the patents of the cam on nearly every compound bow that you see on the market.  To put it plainly, without Rex and his passion for pushing the envelope – there would be no compound archery. 

      Let’s fast forward to 2020; Randy Kitts, owner of Black Eagle Arrows and Conquest Stabilizers, stepped in and purchased the controlling share of Darton.  Along with his investment, he brought with him a renewed passion for engineering excellence coupled with a mindful approach to waste reduction, efficiency and a people-first focus that has led to a new era of motivated employment.  Over these past few years, he has made new hires at the factory, filled out an impressive team of professional shooters, and placed Darton one catalyst away from transforming into an archery manufacturing powerhouse. 

      Today, that potential catalyst has arrived in the form a partnership between the teams at Straight Shooter Archery, Ignited Services, and the Black Eagle Family of archery products.  CEO Jack Patterson’s sales team at Straight Shooter brings with them an impeccable track record of customer service, product knowledge, and online sales/marketing prowess.  Their skills combined with the marketing reach of Ignited Services dawn a new era for the archery industry’s online marketplace. 

      Whether you are a shop owner, longtime archer, outdoor enthusiast or new to the sport altogether; we implore you to join us as we embark on this journey to make our mark on the archery industry.  Archery is for everyone and we are poised to share our passion with all of you.  Join us today before your friends are telling you about us tomorrow! 


About Straight Shooter Archery  www.straightshooterarchery.com 


      (Terre Haute, IN)  In the Fall of 2022, Jack Patterson (CEO of Straight Shooter Archery) was a man with a passion for the outdoors but no outlet to share it with others.  Upon opening the facility in Terre Haute, Indiana, the Straight Shooter team had one goal in mind; to create an inclusive archery establishment where everyone would feel welcomed and encouraged, and to provide the best overall customer service in the industry.  Now, just one year later, this team has created an archery powerhouse that is a top 10 dealer in the country with an ever growing, and extremely loyal, customer base driving their success.  They are continuing to grow their organization and are in the process of constructing a new indoor archery facility that will provide well over 100,000 sq. ft. of showroom space, numerous indoor ranges and what is being planned as the largest indoor archery facility in the world!  What has contributed to them being so successful you might ask?  The team's unanimous answer is simple.  Hard work, a dedicated and professional staff, as well their marketing strategies provided by Ignited Services. 


About Ignited Services  www.ignitedservices.com 


      In March of 2012, two guys had an idea to develop a company based on unique products and services that would be affordable, effective, trackable and an ecosystem that is company owned and not capable of being duplicated.  These guys were Jack Patterson and Mitch Smoot, and this product would become their own Video Conquest Marketing.  This is a trusted product for thousands of clients across the U.S. that are looking to reach their perfect prospect at the perfect time.  This product consists of 1,247 attribution filters and a permission based, 100% opted-in database that is continually updated and scrubbed 24/7.  Their fresh data is the secret sauce that keeps their clients coming back month after month.  Since 2012, Ignited Services has become a powerhouse in numerous industry verticals such as:  Automotive, Outdoor Products, Grocery Stores, Hospitality Industry, Powersports, Marine, RV, Financial Industry, Firearms and tactical, etc….   Ignited has been a trusted partner with Straight Shooter Archery since their inception and continue to play a vital role in their marketing strategy every month.