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We service all makes and models of compound bows, crossbows, traditional, and recurve bows, regardless of whether you purchased from us or not.  


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Compound and Crossbow Services


Hourly Labor Rate


Adjust Draw Length


Check Draw weight


Adjust draw weight


Basic Bow Setup


Standard Bow Tune


Advanced Tuning


Super Tune


Bow Check-Up

Suggested Annually


Dry Fire Inspection

Does not include parts


Replace / Install D-Loop


Install Accessory

per item: rest, quiver, stabilizer bar, etc...
Accessories purchased at Straight Shooter Archery include basic installation.


install peep

Peep sight not included


Install Kisser

Cost of Kisser Button not included


Install Center Serving


Install End Serving


Paper Tune


Cam Timing Rotation


Cam Synchronization


Drop Away Rest Installation


2nd & 3rd Axis Level


Assistance in sighting bow



Per Session (10 shots Max.)


String & Cable Installation

Price does not include the price of the string & cable


String Only Install

Price does not include the price of the string


Arrow Cutting

No charge if arrows are purchased from Straight Shooter Archery

$1 each

Re-Fletch arrows

Does not include the price of fletching,

$3 each

For faster service, please call ahead and schedule an appointment. 812-264-3901


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