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Archery Our Passion for archery is our motivation to engineer industry leading technology and performance. Designed with functionality, APA bows are renowned for practical use in the field. This, along with our unique design, accuracy, shootability and world leading speeds, has created a new stand for compound bows. We encourage you to shoot an APA and see why we are NOT the same.
  • 1. Cam Lock
  • 2. Rotating Draw Stop
  • 3. Twin Flex Limbs
  • 4. Camera Mount
  • 5. Riser Fang
  • 6. Soft Touch Armour
  • 7. Micro Tune
  • 8. Carrying Handle
  • 9. Replaceable Grip
  • 10. Direct Mount Sling
  • 11. Tool Center
  • 12. String Dampener
  • 13. Front Stabilizer Mount
  • 14. Mass Transfer Module
  • 15. Rear Stabilizer Mount
  • 16. XS Tune Module
  • 17. Weight Distribution System
  • 18. Dual Rest Mounting Screws
  • 19. Center Shot Indicator
  • 20. Dual Sight Mounts
  • 21. Top MTM Mount
  • 22. Hand Position Reference Groove
  • 23. Nock Point Alignment Zone
  • 24. Variable Yoke Technology
  • 25. Torque-Free Limb Anchor



CAM LOCK APA’s innovative Cam Lock allows the average archer to replace strings or cables, make adjustments, install accessories and tune their bow without the need of a standard bow press.
RDS APA’s Rotating Draw Stop (RDS) allows the archer to have a rock-solid back wall at any draw length or draw weight while still providing the highest level of performance. When combined with APA’s extremely efficient M1 Cam and Easy-Tune mods, it allows the archer to personalize, adjust and fine tune the feel of their bow at full draw. A true game changer!
TWIN FLEX 2 Until now traditional solid limbs stored energy only in the solid portion, leaving the forked end ridged. APA’s Twin Flex limbs are engineered to allow the forked section to flex, distributing the load amongst two separate working areas and enabling the storage of more energy. The Twin Flex limb raises performance, lowers physical weight, reduces decibel levels and smooths out the draw cycle while maintaining APA’s slim profile.


CAMERA MOUNT Capture your shooting or hunting experience from a first person view. Camera Mount Kit required. All of the APA Bow's sold at Straight Shooter Archery are equipped with this feature.
RISER FANG APA’s signature fang enables you to hang your bow directly onto any branch or limb without any additional equipment.
SOFT TOUCH ARMOUR Minimizes contact noise & warmer to the touch. Available in an assortment of colors.


MICRO TUNE Quick easy one screw adjustment.
CARRYING HANDLE Revolutionary handle that provides easy carrying and creates forward weight. Also increases stiffness in the riser acting as a support bridge, decreasing hand shock.
REPLACEABLE GRIP Slender torque resistant grip that allows consistent hand placement, adding accuracy.


DIRECT MOUNT SLING Promotes safety and ease of use.







STRING DAMPENER Reduces string vibration.


MASS TRANSFER MODULE APA's compact and innovative Mass Transfer Module (MTM) is engineered to control the front and back, side to side balance of your bow, minimizing hand torque. It maintains a sleek profile making it ideal for all hunting scenarios. Quick easy one screw adjustment.
REAR STABILIZER MOUNT Allows archers to properly balance their bow.
xs tune module APA's XS Tune high performance modules are available in 1/2" increments. Designed to simplify timing and minimize cam lean.


WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM A solid rest mounting system.
DUAL REST MOUNTING SCREWS A solid rest mounting system.
CENTER SHOT INDICATOR With APA’s new Center Shot Indicator, setting up a bow has never been easier. Simply remove your pin from the tool center, install it in the precision drilled hole on the riser above the arrow, align your arrow with the laser etched indicator line and you are set. All there is left to do is get shooting!


DUAL SIGHT MOUNTS Multiple sight positioning
TOP MTM MOUNT Additional balance tuning.
HAND POSITION REFERENCE GROOVE Machined groove for consistent bow hand positioning.


NOCK POINT ALIGNMENT ZONE With the Nock Point Alignment Zone that is machined into our riser, you can leave the bow square at home. With one quick easy look adjust your arrow to the machined lines and your nock point is set and ready to go!
VARIABLE YOKE TEHNOLOGY The Variable Yoke Technology allows the yokes of your buss cables to automatically settle exactly where the bow needs them to be for the most efficient and tunable solution ever, Pairing the VYT with our Micro Tune system, This gives us the most tunability of any compound bow has ever had. This feature will ensure you are fully tuned quicker and easier resulting in increased accuracy, which will give you more time in the field or dominating on the range!
TORQUE-FREE LIMB ANCHOR APA’s all new Torque-free limb anchor gives you the perfect place to securely tie in your limb driven drop away rests, Placed in the perfect spot to eliminate side torque on your limb forks for increased accuracy, It will ensure easy and efficient operation of any limb driven rest!


APA Mod & Bow Specifications.pdf

Dual Cam MOD Drawlength Chart

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